22 January 2024

Biorefineries in Europe

The bioeconomy is growing worldwide and benefits nearly every sector of the economy. Its continued growth is critical for sustainable development in all nations of the world. The forest sector is currently one of the major contributors to the bioeconomy through traditional products such as wood products, paper and a large array of emerging bioproducts associated with biorefinery concepts. While forest-based biorefineries are increasingly producing more advanced biofuels, a wide variety of biochemicals and biomaterials around the world, there has never been a well-structured database of the current facilities and production details.

For the first time ever the World BioEconomy Forum is providing you a digital platform on browsing biorefineries and emerging bioproducts in Europe (EU27 + UK, Norway, Switzerland).
With the Biorefinery Map™ subscription you’ll be kept updated comprehensively on the status of the sector.

With the Biorerinery Advisory™ you’ll get advisory services to navigate in the field of biorefineries and bioproducts

You may address your annual subscription for the tool by send your request to info@bioeconomyassociation.org or ask for a demo introduction of it.