Becoming a member

You may demonstrate your leadership and forward-thinking in the circular bioeconomy by being part of the global voice of the bioeconomy. As a member of the World BioEconomy Association, you will be privy to various benefits including.

By aligning with the World BioEconomy Association, you position yourself at the forefront of global initiatives, shaping the future of sustainable and circular bioeconomic practices.

Global Network Access

Connect with a diverse community of circular bioeconomy stakeholders worldwide, offering insights into the latest industry trends and innovative business models.

Sustainable Approach

Receive valuable assistance in formulating and implementing sustainable approaches tailored to the circular bioeconomy, fostering a conscientious and responsible business ethos.

Policy Influence

Actively participate in shaping policy developments, exerting influence on the framework conditions that define the circular bioeconomy. Contribute to the Forum's annual Declaration, a platform for impactful change.

Resource Development

Develop essential resources and build organizational capacity to seamlessly integrate circular bioeconomy principles, ensuring your success in navigating this evolving landscape.

Global Collaboration

Engage in collaborative efforts with diverse Association members located across the globe. Together, represent a spectrum of advanced bioeconomy stakeholders and work towards developing and scaling up impactful solutions for the circular bioeconomy.

Profile Building

Joining the World BioEconomy Association offers a unique opportunity to showcase and enhance your professional interests and reputation within the dynamic field of circular bioeconomy.

Becoming a member?

Interested? Please fill in the World Bioeconomy Association Member profile (pdf) and send your application to

You application if reviewed by the Board and once accepted you will receive admission letter.