Members’ Corners

As a member, you have the privilege of participating in Members' Corners, organised around topics pertinent to the bioeconomy and its members. These corners are scheduled quarterly based on the annual plan or as required. During each session, participants will receive a briefing on the chosen topic, followed by discussions among the members, guided by the Chatham House rule.

This approach encourages open and candid dialogue by allowing participants to share information and perspectives while maintaining the confidentiality of the source.

For the year 2024 Members’ Corners are scheduled as follows

  • 14 March @1300UTC on topic Biodiversity at the core of a successful wood-based bioeconomy. What does this mean for the bioeconomy? Briefing by Karoliina Niemi, Forest Director, Forest Industries Federation, Finland  
  • 13 June @1300UTC on topic Evolving Carbon Capturing. Briefing by Klaus Bärnthaler, Vice President of Carbon Capture at Andritz
  • 12 September@1300UTC
  • 12 December @1300UTC

Briefing sessions are recorded and subsequently published along with Members' Corner materials. This practice ensures that the valuable insights and discussions shared during these sessions are made accessible to members, providing a comprehensive resource for reference and further engagement. The recorded content enhances the dissemination of knowledge, fostering continuous learning and collaboration within the community.

Online sessions are scheduled and have a maximum duration of 90 minutes per session.

Becoming a member?

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