About us

Launched in December 2023 and registered in Finland, the World Bioeconomy Association focuses on three visions – Bioresource, Biotechnology, and Bioecology – to promote sustainable biomass conversion, sector applications, and ecological processes. Serving as a central hub, the association champions bioeconomy circularity, advocating for the responsible use of global resources in line with circular economy principles.

World Bioeconomy Association Launch

The World Bioeconomy Association, officially launched on December 12 in Washington D.C., is registered in Finland and formed in response to the growing global emphasis on bioeconomy especially since 2022. The separation from the World Bioeconomy Forum's private initiative to an independent non-profit association was completed on December 15, 2023. Read more on launch »  

Concept of the bioeconomy

The World Bioeconomy Association's strategy revolves around three visions:

  • the Bioresource Vision focuses on research and technology for biomass conversion
  • the Biotechnology Vision emphasizes research for application in various sectors,
  • the Bioecology Vision highlights ecological processes optimizing land use.

The Association advocates for bioeconomy circularity, generating materials sustainably to complement the circular economy without reliance on fossil-based resources. Read more on concept of the bioeconomy »

Mission, vision and values

The World Bioeconomy Association is the central hub for stakeholders united in advancing the multisectoral growth of bioeconomy.
Read more on Mission, Vision and Values »

What do we do?

The World Bioeconomy Association is dedicated to championing the cause of the global bioeconomy for the improved use of global resources respecting circular economy principles. Read more on tasks of the association »

World Bioeconomy Association Team

Our team consists solid influencers and insiders of the bioeconomy. Meet our team »