What do we do?

The World Bioeconomy Association is dedicated to championing the cause of the global bioeconomy for the improved use of global resources respecting circular economy principles.

Its objectives and activities are centred around the following key elements:

Knowledge and information sharing

  • Facilitating the exchange of information among its members.
  • Promoting the adoption of best practices, innovative strategies and advanced technologies is essential for fostering the expansion of the global bioeconomy. This growth holds the potential to significantly contribute to positive outcomes in critical areas such as climate resilience, biodiversity conservation, food security, public health, and other relevant sectors.
  • Encouraging the creation of new cooperation and alliances across national borders and continents.
  • Empowering the members to network globally and creating free discussions based on the Chatham House Rules.

Public outreach

  • Disseminating general information about the bioeconomy for improved use of the bioresources and bioeconomy principles in general to a broader audience.


  • Monitoring closely policy developments in the bioeconomy.
  • Actively advocating for the bioeconomy, achieved by unlocking the full value of the resources, hereby also representing the interests of its members.

Collaborative research

  • Engaging in research, collaboratively among its members, academic institutes, private industries, and public authorities to develop innovative systems and products that contribute to the advancement of the bioeconomy.