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Benefits of joining the World BioEconomy Association

As part of this global voice for the circular bioeconomy, you'll enjoy exclusive benefits.

Global Network Access

The World Bioeconomy Association is the central hub for stakeholders united in advancing the multisectoral growth of circular bioeconomy.

Sustainable Approach Building

Receive assistance in developing a sustainable approach for the circular bioeconomy.

Policy Influence

Participate in policy development and shape the framework conditions for the circular bioeconomy through the Forum's annual Declaration.

Resource and Capacity Development

Gain access to resources and capacity-building initiatives to seamlessly integrate circular bioeconomy practices.

Global Collaboration

Collaborate with Association members globally, representing diverse advanced bioeconomy stakeholders. Together, develop and scale-up solutions for the circular bioeconomy.

Profile Building

Showcase your commitment and reputation in the circular bioeconomy by being part of the World BioEconomy Association.

Becoming a member?

Join us and be at the forefront of driving sustainable, circular bioeconomy practices on a global scale. Your membership opens doors to unparalleled opportunities and impactful collaborations.

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