Yoshiyuki Fujishima

Yoshiyuki Fujishima


Yoshiyuki Fujishima, D.Phil., is a Global Chief Researcher at Norinchukin Research Institute (think tank company of agricultural forestry central bank in Japan. His work focus is on bioeconomy, material circularity originating from primary industry and waste stream utilization.

He also has been appointed from Japanese government to participate in OECD events as a bureau member of Bio, Nano and Converging Technology (BNCT) working party.

He also has been involved in film making as a bioeconomy supervisor with technology and innovation director position in YOIHI Project. Their first film “Okiku and the World” showed in Japan has won Mainichi Film Festival Best Japanese Film Award and got number 1 Japanese film recognition in Kinema Junpo)

Previously, he worked Ajinomoto Co., Inc. for 27 years and part of his assignment includes working for Japan Bioindustry Association and funding agency New Energy and Industrial Development Organization. His educational background includes polymer chemistry, biology and antibiotics related enzyme development. He has good understanding in human nutrition and health science.